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Living Maori Village by Celeste19943103
Living Maori Village
I was sitting on the open bathroom ground. The water underground is so hot that it also heats up the stones, it was very nice.
What better way to spend a hot summer day than to hike up to one of the biggest volcano of New Zealand?
It was supposed to be cloudy but everyone knows that's a lie here in New Zealand. Don't ever trust what the weather forecast tells you cause it's all lies...
We were taking a hike to the top of which the sigh said it'd take just one hour but we all know that you'll have to freaking run for that shit so let's keep it at 2 hours to be realistic here...
There was barely any shadow on the trail and you could feel the sun burning through your sun protector. At the start it wasn't that steep so it was fine but we were hiking at quite a pace for god knows why and the sun was really really really hot so in 15 minutes you'd be soaking wet by sweat. After half an hour it got steeper and harder to walk at the pace that we did, you could make a stop and stand for a while to catch your breathe but there was nowhere to sit down and again no shadow so I stopped only a minute to catch my breathe and then I went on, leaving Mark and everyone else behind, at this point I was only walking with Johannes, a new member of the office who was also filming. Another half hour and we found a place where we could actually sit down IN THE SHADOW so we naturally took that change. I thought that at this point, we were split up in three groups, and I thought we were the second, I thought that there was a group even before us probably almost already at the top and then you had Mark and the rest whom we left behind at the other stop in the burning sun. But oh how I was wrong... We were the first of our group and I had to wait for the others cause I didn't know where to go cause I was told in the beginning that we first would go to some caves. I had to wait for 15 minutes before the rest of the group showed up, which suited me fine, it was nice to sit in the shadow. My biggest mistake however was bringing only 1 bottle of water cause let me tell you, there isn't shit on that island except for nature and the trail to hike up to...
When the rest came we first went to the top which got only harder and harder cause now there were even steps, and gosh, you do not want to have to deal with steps if you're hiking, it's a fucking nightmare for your legs! But non the less, we made it to the top and it was AMAZING! Beautiful! The city looked so freaking small from there and it was just breath taking.
We had a lunch there and rested for a while before we went down again and visited the caves. They were nice and cool but full of spiders, you did not even want to look up out of fright to see such a fucker cause there were cobwebs everywhere and from the looks of it, it were big ass spiders...
After the caves we went all the way down with was a surprisingly easy walk, now I understand what they meant with one hour, it was one hour down!
Downstairs and fully dehydrated like Spongebob in Cindy's bowl without a fishbowl of water over his head we made our way back to the ferry boat which by the way looks like a yacht who can fit over 50 people in there and goes as fast as a freaking speedboat. We were back in the city within 20 minutes where we could buy some hydration again and enjoy the rest of our day.
Rangitoto is a beautiful island/volcano and it was awesome to hike there all the way up to the top and if I didn't loose some weight while doing that I don't know what will cause I surely sweat like a freaking horse on steroids. But the day was lovely and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I'm glad I was there.
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Can be away for very long and back all of a sudden, you'll never know.

I'm back now to update you on my adventures in New Zealand! So stay posted on that!

I used to draw a lot, now I'm more into photography and filming.
Still love writing though! :squee:

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LamLArts Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
Thank you for the watch! I really appriciate it XD
How are you? :hug:
Celeste19943103 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011
heey, sorry I'm a to little to late xD
but I'm a friend of Tesse xD
LamLArts Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011
;D that's allright. How are you doing?
Celeste19943103 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2011
T: 'jij mag in mijn kerker wonen in mijn moderne kasteel.' C: 'ooh! waarom!!" T: 'jij wordt mijn persoonlijke huisdier. C: 'ooh jij HOER!' T: 'slaafje, voer deze slet!!' C: 'hahahahahahahahaha!' *gaat helemaal stuk* C: 'krijg ik wel het luxte van het luxte hea?' T: 'ja gewoon een tien gangen menu, als het te laat wordt geleverd dan BAM! bediende dood.' C: 'ja hahahaha helemaal geweldig!'

ons leveloze fantasie tog? xD
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Celeste19943103 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011
thank you, the ones that support me and lead me through this all... it's been a hard time but it's getting better now, I'm moving on as much as I don't want to forget her, she'll be always in my heart and I'm glade thank I've known her for such that long time...
LamLArts Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011
Hello, I heard about your loss and I just wanted to tell you that you have my support. I have a dog and I love her. If you need someone to talk to about it or anything, you could send me a note. I know some about hard times. Been through a lot.
Anyway, hang in there. Be strong but know that it is allright to cry sometimes.
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Rip Clio, keep holding on~!
Celeste19943103 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010
naja zeg je hebt me diep beledigt
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Born to offend you~!!!
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