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My first time Keltfest and what an experience!
I could never go before because of school so this wasn't only my first time there to work but my first time in general.
It's kind of like a mix between Castlefest and Ridderspektakel. It's small and medieval centered.
I worked as builder, like I always do nowadays and it was hard work, it was small like I said so there weren't many volunteers either but still there was plenty to do. (I'll show pics later)

So our first day, our arriving day, it was raining and cold, it was a long journey with a half hour traffic jam, we arrived at half past 10 and had to build our tents in the dark. We bought new tents before we got on our way so we had no idea how to build it so the dark really helped us setting it up quickly (NOT)
Sleep was little. It was cold and it kept me awake, my air mattress also wasn't fully blown up so it was just a little too soft to be comfortable.

Next day was rising early, having breakfast and work began with a big ass circus tent. In which I was totally useless cause I'm too little. they still found me a job... Drilling the tent pegs into the ground with a special drilling machine and that fucker was heavy! the drilling hurt my muscles in my arms, it wasn't fun at all...
Later that day I did do fun things though, like building other tents, putting fences up, carrying stuff around (mostly heavy)
Aaaaaaaaand I got two bundles of very heavy tentpoles on my head... It was my own fault though but I'm okay, it just hurt a little and I got a bump from it but other than that I was fine and I kept working. (Story goes I had to move garden hoses but they were stuck under a seacontainer's door and those two bundles stood against it so when I released the hoses the door opened further and the bundles fell...)
At the end of the day we still got 5 tents to set up, (We were behind schedule) but it was done in no time with the group.

Day after I woke up early too, had breakfast and headed to work. Again kind of the same story, building more tents, repositioning them. We were busy with one particular tent, the VIP tent, story goes there were 4 tents of the same kind and the stuff of those were mixed up, but though they were all slightly different so we had to look for the right parts who didn't seem to exist.... We build, took it down, build it again and took it down again for over 5 times already before I gave that shit up and walked away to do something else that mattered more, like emptying the seacontainers. Everything had to be sorted out and put on the manitou to transport it to the place for it to be.
At the end of the day someone figured stuff out with the VIP tent and it was up and running.

Next day I woke up early, had breakfast and did nothing at all but sit down in the warm sun, we had no more work to do as we worked so hard the day before, and did I already mention that it was raining the whole time the two days before? yes, this was our first cloud-free day and we were enjoying it at it's fullest. I loved the sun even though it got me burned a little, it was a lovely day where I only had to put up one more tent, a few fences and that was is. It was also the day where we sat down late at night and drank our asses off for I didn't have to work the day after anymore, I had half a bottle of liqueur 43 and it was awesome, I got a little tipsy and funny stuff happened. I laughed a lot with Evelyn who I worked with all these days, she's my event buddy really, she's funny, mature when needed, but joking around too, much like me..

But the next day was even more awesome, the day of the event itself.
We slept till 11 o'clock cause we needed it and we had breakfast, knobibröt breakfast, it's the most awesome thing you can ever eat, I love it so much...
We walked around the place, bought a Castlefest hat and a Keltfest hoodie and then we got called to get asked if I wanted to help with the coins, (At Keltfest as well as at Castlest you need special Vana coins to buy foods and drinks, one coin = 2 EU)
Tesse, Lotte and I worked there for 3 hours straight and man, Lotte is a speedo at being a cashier who can also be very friendly to the people at the same time, Jesus... Lotte worked with the money, Tesse with the pin only and I did the coins and a little bit of pin too, it was kind of fun actually, I might do that again on a different event.
Evelyn and I played with the kids too for a while, they're the kids of the volunteers and we LARPed with them, they're so energetic and funny and cute, especially Riven, he's the sun of the big organizer and thus little brother of the twins Ricky and Brian where I'm friends with. He always wants to play with Evelyn and me it's just so adorable.
After that we walked some more and at night I got tipsy again by drinking beer out of a straw and drinking mede from a watermelon, which is so fucking nice~!!
Evelyn almost walked into a ditch when we walked to the bathroom, it was so funny!

Second event day I woke around 12, then I got out of bed and walked to the catering where I had my breakfast and we sat there for a long while before we walked the event again and looked around. I was out of money so I couldn't buy anything anymore but I got a very cute mice ring from Lotte which I love now.
At the end of the event around 6 we got the big leftovers from the wedges, chicken wings and a lot of for-cut fruit, which was really nice.
Before we got to eat though we went and broke down our tents and had to bring everything to my car which was pretty far away, so we figured we'd dump some stuff on the stretcher and walk with that to my car, my arm began to hurt, more and more with every step and eventually at the last meters my arm gave up.. turned out I worked too hard, carried to much heavy stuff and my arm got congested.. It's in a sling now for the next two days.
I really wanted to help with the breakdown of the event but no one let me because of my arm which was kind of sad..
We drove home around 9 o'clock and I arrived home at 12 after I brought back Tesse and Lotte. It all went okay, I had my arm on my lap most of the time. We did catch a big traffic jam though, there was an accident with tree cars so three of the four highway strips were closed, but other than that nothing else bad happened. I was so tired when I got home I jumped in my bed immediately.
Oh and I got a bottle of cherry mede from the parents of Tesse because I got them home safely even though I could only use one arm.

So I guess this was my super nice experience on my first Keltfest, I will surely return if I can again next year, it was only a pity that it was raining the first days and that my arm hurts but besides that, it was super fun and I loved it~!!
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well, I like to draw and to write my own story's, I like to write songs and stuff...

I always draw or write at school if I'm bored xD

I'm not a very serious person, I like to make jokes and stuff, I like people with great humor xD

I love to laugh or to make people laugh, (and they always do, if I mean it or not...) I always joke around.

Favourite genre of music: I listen all kinds of music
Favourite photographer: I really like to take pictures of things xD
Favourite style of art: how the real world looks like, but cartoons are also pretty cool
MP3 player of choice: I have a phillips mp4 player who carries 850 songs xD
Shell of choice: giant turtle
Skin of choice: I'm not a racist!

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Thank you for the watch! I really appriciate it XD
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heey, sorry I'm a to little to late xD
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T: 'jij mag in mijn kerker wonen in mijn moderne kasteel.' C: 'ooh! waarom!!" T: 'jij wordt mijn persoonlijke huisdier. C: 'ooh jij HOER!' T: 'slaafje, voer deze slet!!' C: 'hahahahahahahahaha!' *gaat helemaal stuk* C: 'krijg ik wel het luxte van het luxte hea?' T: 'ja gewoon een tien gangen menu, als het te laat wordt geleverd dan BAM! bediende dood.' C: 'ja hahahaha helemaal geweldig!'

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thank you, the ones that support me and lead me through this all... it's been a hard time but it's getting better now, I'm moving on as much as I don't want to forget her, she'll be always in my heart and I'm glade thank I've known her for such that long time...
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Hello, I heard about your loss and I just wanted to tell you that you have my support. I have a dog and I love her. If you need someone to talk to about it or anything, you could send me a note. I know some about hard times. Been through a lot.
Anyway, hang in there. Be strong but know that it is allright to cry sometimes.
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